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Our workshops are for the novice and the experienced plant lover alike. Some classes are simply learning how to repot a plant while others get more in depth, like soil science. We also have classes for flower lovers taught by our design team or a guest designer. These classes are inspired by seasonality that give a curated experience to create summers hottest floral bouquets or winters trendiest wreath designs. We offer classes open to the public and to small private parties. All classes consider the audience for a one of a kind experience sure to create a lasting impression.


We want to empower you without making any additional commitments. Our team is always eager to solve any plant related mysteries you might have. Stop by anytime during our store hours for chat.

If you're looking for the perfect plant for a specific space, we can help. Feel free to bring in a few photos of your space and one of our team members will do the rest.

We offer free potting to anyone who purchases a plant and/or vessel from us. If you already have a plant and planter at home that you would like us to repot for you, we can do that as well for a small fee.

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We genuinely believe that interior design with nature brings life to a space. Our homes should be a place of rest and joy. Plants have been proven to help mental health and the overall well-being of people. So, when we say “design with nature in mind” it is not just for the aesthetic benefits of a lively space, but the benefit of our wellbeing. We consider various factors when designing a space like light, moisture, children in the home, or pets that may have access to the plants. We create a curated plan for each client so it is beneficial and care fits in to their lifestyle.


We design floral experiences for various events from weddings to retail openings to dinner parties. The hope is to make each gathering grander by designing your event space with nature in mind. Each client is important and we walk with them through the entire process to bring their vision to life.

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Studies have proven that indoor plants improve concentration and productivity, reduce stress levels and boost your mood. We design office interiors with that in mind. We consider lighting options, the size of the space, the visibility, and the practicality of the plants in the space. We design and install with consideration for small individual offices to large spaces with living walls or trees.

Living walls are one of our favorite ways to design with nature in mind. It can be a great way to escape into the woods while you’re in the middle of the city, or in your downtown suite. Our designs are specific for each space and flexible to our clients needs. We consider the availability of light and water since these walls require both to thrive. We work on new builds or in existing spaces in need of more green. We also offer care and maintenance packages.

Yay plants!

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