The Flora Culture


Interior Plant Styling and Design

Styling is truly what makes a space come to life. It is what makes a home feel like a lived-in space and an office, a place of calm, giving the inhabitants more incentives to be productive. Did you know that having plants in a space actually affects productivity? Plant Styling and Design involves knowing what plants will survive where, based on light and care, but also knowing what vessel should accompany each plant and what room it should go into based on the aesthetics of the space and the overall design. We often work hand-in-hand with interior designers to create a cozy home, or an intentional office environment.

Why have The Flora Culture style for you?

  • We will walk your space with you to understand your overall aesthetic
  • We have experience with what plants thrive in various lighting
  • We will make recommendations based on your lifestyle
  • We will select planters and vessels that fit the plant selection and also well-suited for your home
  • We will give you options and you get to choose what you like best based on your taste and budget
For more information or to request a consultation, please email us