The Flora Culture


In-Store Services

We think you shouldn’t have to fret about what plant you should get for your space and what vessel it should go in to. We make it easy. If you find a plant you love, we can help you find a planter and pot it for you. There is no charge for this service when you purchase a plant or vessel from our collection. You do not have to get your hands dirty or spend your entire Sunday afternoon potting everything, unless you want to, then we support you because we also love playing in dirt. If you’re not sure about what plant will live where, we would be happy to make suggestions based on your availability to natural light and your lifestyle, like having young children or pets that might want to chomp on your plants.

We also know it’s incredibly frustrating when your plant is struggling. We will help problem-solve and help you find solutions to get your plant happy again.

What we do in store:

  • Free potting *if pot or plant are purchased in our store
  • We will drill a hole in your pot for no charge
  • Delivery is $15 withing a 10 mile radius and $1 per mile after that
  • Styling using pictures and space description